Nutritional Geography – The integration of physical

Nutritional geography lies at the junction or interface of the three sub-fields: cultural – religion and family history influence food practices and nutritional status. economics – poverty vs. affluence determines access to food availability and relative food costs) physical – the environment presents opportunities for different types of

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Lectures – Nutritional Geography

Hot-Cold/Wet-Dry: Pre-Scientific Dietetics and Nutrition Islam: Issues of Pregnancy, Lactation, and Infant Feeding Migration and Immigration: Safety Issues When Gathering Wild Plants

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Herbs and Spices – Nutritional Geography

Herbs and spices have taken these winding historical paths and the journeys reflect a myriad of uses by widely different cultures as they ultimately have reached our kitchens, serving plates, and palates. Documents reveal their integration and uses in cultural, magical, and religious practices. Along the way herbs and spices have been modified

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Rosemary – Nutritional Geography

Rosemary helps ease pain in the gums and teeth and removes stinking breath; helps a week memory and quickens the senses. When a decoction or powder of rosemary is mixed with wine it helps the retention of meat [food] and digestion.; If rosemary flowers are eaten with bread and salt in the morning this opens obstructions of the liver, helps

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Sound nutrition is not based upon specific foods, but determined by overall daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal food selections and the respective energy balance and nutrient composition of these foods. 5 One cannot live by drinking only wine. Wine may be a "soul" food, but should not be a

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Scientific justification of nutritional products consumed

coaches uninformed in nutrition science. This gap of knowledge represents a deep, dark Black Hole, where factual science is ignored, where fallacies and misinformation are embraced. This is the realm of magic, not science. Unfortunately, the practitioners of magic continue their quest for mystical

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Edible Wild Plants

sound nutrition during drought and periods of social unrest, and 2) the paradox of agricultural development, whereby heavy reliance upon herbicides, paradoxically, reduced food security in many regions of the globe because the so-called "edible weeds of agriculture" were being eliminated.

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Sugar: The Sweet Reed

of a nutrition scientist, I reject any dichotomy of "good" and "bad" foods. There are foods -- period -- and there are patterns of food intake. It is the pattern -- not any specific food -- that results in excellent, good, poor, or abysmal diets. It is the combination of the foods consumed --

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Diet, Training, and Ergogenic Aids: Search for the

Department of Nutrition University of California Davis, CA USA 95616 Office: (530) 752-2078 FAX: (530) 752-8966 e-mail: [email protected] Presented at the VIIth IOC Olympic World Congress on Sport Sciences Physical, Nutritional, and Psychological Care of the Athlete in the 21st Century Session: Nutrition-Supplementation and Sports Performance

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many of us working on problems of international nutrition have concluded that stop-gap measures represented by food relief essentially are bankrupt policies. If hunger and malnutrition are to be reduced in America and abroad, the solution must involve human compassion and commitment set within the framework of self-help.

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Food- and Health-Related Practices and Behaviors Pregnancy

Department of Nutrition University of California 1 Shields Avenue Davis, Californa 95616 Office: (530) 752-2078 FAX: (530) 752-8966 e-mail: [email protected] . 2 First, let me begin by saying that it is a pleasure and honor to be invited to participate today. In

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What I Learned Studying Chocolate Presentation to the

Nutrition 20 was not a history class. My class, however, was predicated on the belief that university students should have a sense of history, in essence a sense of place and time, upon which they could develop an appreciation of cultural diversity and ethnic practices relating to food, nutrition, and the medical consequences of human food

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